Sunday, 11 July 2010

Safe Screen for Mig33 Admin Moderatot Room

By pressing Menu >> DuniaMig >>XZone, you can find feature tool to manage your room.
Banned, Unbanned User, Add Moderator, Room Spy,etc by Quickly (langkah cepat).
Pict 1:

Pict 2:

You can view profile other users by input their usernim or nick ID.

Pict 3:

Hiiii, you like BOOM Email??? How to use???
Simple, input username (e.g., Subject and email. Then send email by pressinging SEND EMAIL and press BACK (don't wait untill processing down), Repeat again and again....

Pict 4:

enjoy other feature???? Goto COMPLETE ZONE.
add my nick: mas_basy

Download Mig33 Admin/Moderator Here Or in Here…

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